Help on the PDGs Fellowship Online Directory

Username and Password
The online PDGs Fellowship Directory is password protected. It is published solely for the use of the PDGs Fellowship members. Its use as a commercial mailing list or giving access to non-rotarians is strictly prohibited. If you do not know the username and password, they can be sent to you by email provided you are listed in the directory. See the retrieval tool at the bottom of the entry page. If your email address is not in the system, or has changed, send us an email at and we will send you this information.

Some of the listing items are displayed with special icons. Hold your mouse over the icon to read what it is, or look at the table below.

Paul Harris Fellow: $1,000+ donation to The Rotary Foundation

Paul Harris Society: $1,000+ donation per year to The Rotary Foundation

Benefactor: $1,000+ bequest to The Rotary Foundation

Bequest Society: $10,000+ bequest to The Rotary Foundation

Major Donor: $10,000+ donation to The Rotary Foundation

Arch Klumph Society: $250,000+ donation to The Rotary Foundation

Alumnus of The Rotary Foundation: Past GSE team members and team leaders, Past Ambassadorial Scholars, Past Grants for University Teachers, Past Rotary Volunteers.

Signed up to received the email communications: various email announcements/newsletters from the fellowship.

If you notice that some information is wrong or missing you can send us a directory update change request by clicking the "Edit" icon, on the right of somebody's name: . Update the information and click the "Save" button. Note that you can submit change requests for someone else if necessary. We trust that members won't do an update for another member unless they know for sure it is valid.

If you notice that somebody is missing in the online directory, it might be that they are not a member, or their membership expired. Go to the membership form to signup as a member and your name will be added to the list right away. Once you are a member, some renewal notices are sent automatically by email before your membership expires. Follow the instructions in the email for renewal. Check your spam folder if you don't receive these emails. If you still believe there is somebody missing, send us an email at with the necessary information.

If your picture is not in the Directory, or if you would like to change the current picture, you can click on the existing photo, or on the replacement logo, then select a JPG file on your computer to upload on the website. The photo must be in JPG format, and will be resized to 80 by 100 pixels. Please allow a couple of weeks to process the photos. Photos resized to 80 by 100 before uploading will be processed faster, but the photo must be exactly 80 by 100 pixels, and zoomed onto the face of the subject.

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