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2017 Past Officers Reunion

The 2017 Past Officers Reunion took place in San Diego on January 15-17, 2017 and was a great success with over 140 attendees. The POR is a great opportunity for PDGs to get the latest information from the Rotary Leadership, and tag along as an Observer at the International Assembly for the rest of the week. The registration price was an all-time low at $26.50 this year. Check out the POR website below later on for information about the 2018 event. We will also send an announcement by email to the PDGs Fellowship members when we have more information about 2018.

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PDGs Reunions

Information on PDGs Reunion has been moved to a separate page. Please send us updates of your reunions to be featured on this page. Check this page for announcements of upcoming reunions.

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Vancouver Regional Event

RI President Elect Ian Riseley and PDG Juliet Riseley were hosted by the Fellowship of Rotarian PDGs at a gala dinner in Vancouver, BC at the prestigious Terminal City Club on Friday, October 21, 2016. The dinner was attended by 30 PDGs, DGs, DGEs, DGNs and partners from Districts 5020, 5040, 5050 and 5370.

RIPE Ian spoke about plans for Rotary next year such as introducing Cultural Exchanges funded by clubs & districts, plans for the 2018 RI Convention in Toronto and presidential conferences with a peace theme. He answered questions from those attending on the impact of re-zoning, polio eradication and hinted at a theme tie and scarf with a vibrant flora design.

PDG Penny Offer described the purposes of the Fellowship started by RIPP Ray Klinginsmith in 2012 and encouraged the group to become members and visit the website www.pdgsfellowship.org and Facebook page (Fellowship of Rotarian PDGs and Friends).

The event was organized by PDG Fellowship members PDG Penny Offer and PDG Chris Offer.

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Photos of the All Africa/PDGs Fellowship Breakfast
in Atlanta at the RI Convention


PDGs Fellowship and All Africa Breakfast in Atlanta (117 KB)
Tuesday June 13, 2017, 7 to 9 am at the Omni Hotel


Alternate PDG Fellowship Flyer (238 KB)


2016-17 Officers and Directors (339 KB)


Minutes of the Board Meeting on May 31, 2016 (148 KB)


Minutes of the AGM on May 31, 2016 (217 KB)


TRF Centennial Goals and Strategies for Achievement (76 KB)
As Approved at October 2014 Trustees Meeting


Philippine College of Rotary Governors
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Photos from The PDGs Fellowship Board Meeting, General Meeting,


PDGs: Rotary's Wasted Resource (1059 KB)
Originally published in the 'Rotary Down Under' (RDU) magazine in 2011.


List of Current Members
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Bylaws of the Fellowship (96 KB)
Revised 28-Aug-12


Fellowship Flyer (262 KB)
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Mission Statement

The purposes of the PDGs Fellowship, as stated in the bylaws, are as follows:

The primary purpose of the fellowship is to improve and enhance the existing friendship and fellowship among Rotarians who have served as district governors by increasing the number of reunions and similar events at all levels of Rotary, including the annual conventions. The secondary purposes are to provide additional opportunities for past district governors to remain actively involved and connected at the international level of Rotary and to motivate past district governors to support important Rotary activities, such as PolioPlus, TRF fundraising, international service projects, and membership growth.

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